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Bishop David Aaron Richey is Founder and Presiding Bishop of a national and international fellowship of churches, Operation MOBILE International Churches, Inc. Bishop Richey is also the Founder and Senior Pastor of GC3 Church in Mobile, Alabama.

In 1988, Bishop Richey and his wife Pastor Margaret Richey moved from Detroit, Michigan to Mobile, Alabama to assume a position as assistant

pastor of a young ministry. Their obedience has opened many doors and impacted thousands of lives globally.

Bishop Richey teaches the Word of God in simplicity and uses a charismatic approach to capture his audience from all walks of life. Perhaps this approach was perfected during his Operation MOBILE Sidewalk Sunday School days.

Bishop Richey and his wife felt a calling to stop the hemorrhaging in society by impacting the little ones. They faithfully went into the urban areas throughout the city and began teaching the children basic moral values through exciting, simplistic, and fun teaching strategies. Operation MOBILE quickly grew to serving hundreds of families and 22 separate ministries.

In October 2010, Apostle Richey was ordained Bishop by the College of Bishops of The World Revival International Ministries. November of 2013 marked twenty years of international ministry, where to date has taken Bishop Richey to more than 70 nations.

Bishop Richey is used mightily to influence business and government leaders nationally and internationally, prophetically counseling these leaders to impact their spheres of influence.

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